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5 Apps That Will Improve Your Mental Health

Let's be honest- In today's world we are just an arm's reach from our cellphones. We often hear that spending too much time on our phones can have a negative mental impact. While this is true, there are so many benefits to modern technology. In today's blog we'll take a look at 5 smartphone apps that are devoted to improving your mental health. Use the drop- down arrows below to learn more about each of these apps!

1. MoodKit

This app incorporates principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), a type of therapy beneficial for numerous mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. Like many mental health apps, MoodKit includes a daily mood tracker and a journal. But what makes this app unique is their Thought Checker. This feature allows you to identify negative thoughts you frequently have, and it suggests ways to challenge these thoughts in a positive way (much like a CBT therapist would do). The app also includes a list of activities that can help you cope with depression and anxiety.

Price: $4.99

2. I Am Sober

3. I Am- Daily Affirmations

4. Fabulous- Daily Habit Tracker

5. Calm

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