Our Support Staff



Summer Carswell

Practice Manager, CNA

Summer is a Certified Nursing Assistant who began her career in 2013 after graduating from Fred T. Foard High School. In late 2016 she began her career in Mental Health at Broughton Hospital located in Morganton, NC where she developed a love for Mental Health. Summer chose to transition from the in-patient setting to outpatient after discovering the importance of services needed in the community. Currently, Summer works as the TMS Technician at Aspire and enjoys seeing clients recover from their Depression through TMS just as she has experienced herself. When Summer is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children

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Emily- Rose McGuire

Front Desk

Emily- Rose is a native of Kerikeri, New Zealand and moved to North Carolina at as a teen with her parents. She began her interest in mental health as a teenager who struggled with OCD, realizing how helpful it can be to know exactly what your brain is doing. Deciding to pursue this interest, in April of 2022 she joined the Aspire team as the front desk receptionist. Currently Rose is working go back to school to enroll in Purdue University and begin her career in Psychology specializing in Applied Behavioral Analysis specifically with the incarcerated population who have experienced trauma in their childhood resulting in their later behavior. During her free time Rose enjoys writing, doing crafts of any kinds, and furthering her knowledge of Psychology.