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We are proud to offer therapeutic groups, led by our licensed providers, counselors, and student therapist. Read below to learn more about the groups we offer. 

Mindful Mom Mondays

We all know being a mother can be hard. This group is focused on creating a support network for mothers at any stage of motherhood. This group is led by Lenni Travis, Counseling Intern and mother. It is designed to incorporate mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to address to various stressors of motherhood. 

Group Type: Mothers at any stage of motherhood

Group Time: Mondays at 6pm

Cost: $20 per group session

Health Care Worker Wednesdays

This group is designed to create a safe space for healthcare workers to support each other in a nurturing environment. It can be hard to focus on your own needs as a healthcare worker. It's time to begin caring for yourself as you care for others. ​

Group Type: males and females employed in healthcare

Group Time: Every Wednesday at 6pm

Cost: $20 per group session

Talk it out Thursdays

Struggling to find a group that's right for you? This group is designed to help adults struggling with depression and anxiety. This group utilizes Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques​ while encouraging de-stigmatization of mental health issues. Join us to Talk it Out; we would love to have you!

Group Type: Adults struggling with depression and anxiety

Group Time: Thursdays at 6pm

Cost: $20 per group session

Group Therapy
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