Pet and Equine Therapy

Our full- time therapist Jen Strickland, LCMHCA, NCC is happy to offer both pet therapy and equine therapy. These therapeutic modalities have been shown to be beneficial for people of all ages, especially children. Scroll down to get to know the pets Jen incorporates into her therapy!









Fancy Nancy is a Polish Arabian and raced in her younger years, but she didn't like the crowds or the racing. Then she was taught dressage, which she enjoyed for a while but she ended up not being able to stand still long enough to score as high as she could have. Then she attempted to do long distance eventing, but her hooves just were not strong enough to carry her rider the long distances that were required. She tried to become a broodmare, but they could not get her to like any stallions. Finally, she found a place for her sweet soul and a job that suited her intelligent mind perfectly as a therapy horse. Fancy loves being around and interacting with people. She is careful with her body and is mindful of how you are feeling that day. If you are feeling stressed out, Fancy will let you know immediately. She is our kind gray mare that enjoys neck pets, long walks in the grass, and of course peppermints!


Little Wickett is a toy poodle and is the epitome of the word tiny. She was rescued from a puppy mill and has had at least one litter of puppies in the past. When she was rescued she was unsure about being crated or left alone and struggled with separation anxiety. Many years and a buddy later, she has learned being alone is okay. Wickett is a gentle and joyful dog that loves to act silly by doing acrobatic somersaults on the couch. She's happy to cuddle up and snooze with a friend too. Wickett is excellent at comforting sad or broken hearts and doesn't mind gentle hugs. If you're feeling sad or need a four legged snuggle buddy, Wickett is your silly gal! She loves all human food; she's super smart and responds when anyone says her favorite words: cookies or treats!


Vader or Mr. Tater is a yorkshire terrier. Don't let his tiny body fool you; he is a lion trapped in a yorkie! Vader was the last of his litter and no one wanted the runt. He was rescued at six weeks old and was full of personality from the get go. Vader is quick to give you his curmudgeonly opinion, but he adores being gently held, pet, and cuddling. He takes his job as a watchdog very seriously and does not like strange intruders. He's happy to cuddle and snuggle, but requires a kind and gentle touch. He is excellent on walks and is a perfect gentleman! If you're feeling up for a walk and ready to explore; Vader is your dude! He likes treats, but he loves to be outside with you!

Fancy Nancy is a Polish Arabian-2
Fancy Nancy is a Polish Arabian-1
Wickett-Therapy Dog-1
Vader-AKA Mr.Tater
Vader-AKA Mr.Tater-2